Video of D'Iberville liquor store shoplifters goes viral

D'IBERVILLE -- The owner of a D'Iberville liquor store never thought a video of a man and woman shoplifting liquor would go viral, but it has.

"We are up to like 150,000 views," Brittany Nguyen, co-owner of Dang's Liquor & Wine on D'Iberville Boulevard said Tuesday. "This was the first time we'd used Facebook for our business. When we saw the video, we just thought it was funny and decided to share it with our friends."

Nguyen said they discovered the footage from their surveillance cameras after they checked their inventory and realized liquor was missing. They posted the video and images Saturday.

"We rewinded the tape and there it was," she said. Nguyen and Minh Dang own the store.

The video shows the woman, dressed in jeans and a pink shirt, stuffing a liquor bottle in her purse, then dancing around. The man, wearing blue jeans, a blue jacket and ball cap, is caught stuffing what appears to be bottles in his pants. The liquor store also shared an image of a silver SUV in the store's parking lot that may belong to the robbers.

Nguyen said the pair didn't buy anything, just headed out the door toting the unbought liquor.

She said they didn't report the incident to authorities because they "didn't think we'd catch them."

D'Iberville police saw the video Monday and contacted the store to launch a shoplifting investigation.

Capt. Terry Hines said Tuesday they have since identified the two people and are waiting for them to turn themselves in.

Since the video went viral, Nguyen and police said, CNN and other news affiliates have called asking for permission to share it. The news outlets have asked D'Iberville police to forward them the information on any arrests.

"You wouldn't think this would happen in a small town with a little video," Nguyen said. "We are just a small business. It's a lot to take in."

She said all the credit for solving the case goes to the community that supports small businesses such as hers.

"I had a lot of private people messaging me to tell who it is," she said. "The community really helped me a lot. It did make the job a little easier for police."

As a thank-you, she said, the store will be hosting a 10 percent sale one day soon.

"Who would've thought this would happen?" she said. "We created our Facebook page to promote our business and let people know we were here. We just want to thank the community for supporting local business and helping us catch these people."