New details: Toddler allegedly stabbed by mother in Jones Park

Nomatter Gava-Hudson
Nomatter Gava-Hudson

GULFPORT -- Police have arrested a woman accused of stabbing her 3-year-old child multiple times Monday night at Jones Park.

Police took Nomatter Gava-Hudson, 26, of Biloxi, into custody and arrested her on an attempted murder charge Tuesday morning.

Police received a call about the incident and found a child with apparent stab wounds about 10:53 p.m., police Sgt. Damon McDaniel said.

"The mother was on scene," McDaniel said. "She didn't run."

Sgt. Devon Stachowiak of the Army National Guard told the Sun Herald he was in the area when he heard a man and woman fighting, and he stopped to offer help but wasn't sure at first who needed the help.

The man began screaming his child had been stabbed with a butcher knife his mother had brought with her, said Stachowiak, a combat engineer.

"The boy started walking toward me, stumbling around, and he collapsed," Stachowiak said.

"I grabbed a bloody blanket and pressed it against a wound and saw a jacket and put it under his head. He was really scared. He passed out on me and I gave him a light, steady sternum rub and he woke up."

Stachowiak said that's when he called 911.

The child had a two-inch gash about an inch deep above his belly-button and cuts near his collar bone and on his hip, Stachowiak said.

"I'm trained to deal with combat situations. I'm not supposed to use my training on civilians," he said, "but this is a toddler we're talking about. He looked like he was about to die."

Stachowiak said he gives credit to Gulfport police.

"They did an excellent job," he said. "It only took them seven minutes to get there after I made the call. We were all worried about the toddler."

American Medical Response drove the child to an area hospital and he was later flown to a Mobile hospital for further treatment.

"I don't think the child's injuries are life-threatening, but it's better for the child to receive treatment somewhere else," McDaniel said.

What led to the stabbing isn't yet clear.

"I know it's very vague, but it all happened so fast," McDaniel said. "Investigators are trying to find out all they can."

Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner signed an arrest warrant and set bond at $1 million.

Gava-Hudson was held at the Harrison County jail.