George County officials make two meth arrests

GEORGE COUNTY -- George County Sheriff's deputies made two separate meth busts last week.

On Tuesday, agents received a tip that led agetns of the Narcotics Division to a residence of Tinys Lane. There, they smelled a strong chemical odor and found an active meth lab, along with precursor chemicals and materials used for making meth.

Curba Merrill, 54, and Samuel Havard, 40, both of George County, were charged with manuafacturing meth. Both were taken to the George County jail.

Merrill, already out on bond for possession of precursor chemicals with intent to manufacture, was held on a $50,000 bond bu Justice Judge M.L. Goff. Havard was held on a $25,000 bond.

On Thursday, the Narcotics Division searched a residence on Ronald Williams Road and discovered precursor chemicals and meth.

Bobbie Dubose Goff, 48, and Julius Perry Grandquest, 53, were charged with manufacturing meth and possession of meth.

Both were taken to the George County Jail. Goff set bond at $25,000 each.