He threatened a ‘mass shooting’ in Ocean Springs, but here’s why he’s behind bars, FBI says

An Ocean Springs man who threatened to kill FBI agents and shoot up the town is in jail after involuntary commitment to a mental institution failed to stop his behavior, a law enforcement statement filed in federal court says.

Mark Allen Lacy, age unavailable, first called the FBI in March 2018, threatening a “mass shooting” in Ocean Springs, a sworn statement from FBI Task Force Officer Michael Hines of Pascagoula says. Lacy said a tracking device had been implanted in him during a surgical procedure and was controlling his thoughts.

“M. Lacy stated he requires emergency surgery to have the device removed,” the statement says. “M. Lacy described the device as using mind control through blinking lights, like a helmet, and causes him to experience ‘time travel.’ ”

Lacy threatened suicide, so the FBI asked the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to check on him, the statement says. He refused to answer the door.

The next month, he appeared at the Pascagoula FBI office, saying avatars were after him but he was able to time travel and shift shapes to escape them. He also threatened to kill himself. He grew “agitated,” Hines’ statement says, when asked if he was receiving mental health care.

The FBI personnel called the Pascagoula Police Department when Lacy refused to leave the FBI office. Lacy agreed to leave when the police arrived.

He was back in the FBI parking lot the next month, complaining about the surgical implant and avatars. He also said the FBI had stolen money from him, Hines says.

After Lacy twice more threatened FBI personnel over the telephone, Hines sought and was granted a Chancery Court order to have Lacy committed in June 2018.

By February 2019, Lacy was calling the FBI’s Pascagoula office again. He had a new complaint: He was being molested.

The same day, Valentine’s Day, he called the Gulfport FBI twice, saying FBI agents were molesting him and he was not going to take it, Hines says. He threatened to go on a killing spree.

“I am willing to kill to get my life in order,” Lacy said.

Hines then attempted to get Lacy committed a second time but he could not be located so the court order was canceled.

On June 12, Hines says, Lacy showed up at the Gulfport office again, ringing the bell outside the door multiple times and disturbing the agents who were inside trying to work.

A background check revealed that Lacy has a criminal history of possession of crack cocaine, misdemeanor assault, indecent exposure, sale of a controlled substance and creating a public disturbance.

Hines requested a warrant for Lacy’s arrest the next day, saying he had violated federal law by threatening FBI agents.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert H. Walker ordered that Lacy be held in jail until a hearing at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in Gulfport to determine whether he should remain behind bars.