Grand jury clears Gulfport officer in shooting of armed felon

A grand jury has cleared an unnamed Gulfport police officer in the shooting injury of an armed felon during a traffic stop in September 2018.

The grand jury issued a report on its investigation earlier this week.

“After full and deliberate consideration of all the facts and circumstances leading up to the Sept. 4, 2018, shooting of Joshua Jones, and the circumstances as they existed at the time of the shooting, the grand jury finds no criminal conduct on behalf of the officer involved from the Gulfport Police Department and further finds that his actions were appropriate,” the grand jury report says.

Jones, now 27, was a passenger in a car pulled over in a traffic stop off Dedeaux Road in the Orange Grove community. Police said at the time that Jones, on probation for robbery in Jackson County, jumped out and ran.

Jones was armed and resisted arrest, then was shot by a detective, police said. He was taken into custody after his release from a hospital and has been indicted on a charge of possession of a weapon after a felony conviction, jail records show.

Jones remains in custody and is ineligible for bond.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations handled the investigation into the shooting.