She saw her boyfriend shot dead on the eve of his 21st birthday, Gulfport woman tells jury

Trevues Martin was selling marijuana from the front seat of a car in his grandmother’s driveway when he was shot dead with his girlfriend of two days beside him, testimony in a murder trial revealed Tuesday morning.

Deandre DeShaun-Antonio Ball, 22, is on trial for murder in the case. His attorney, Michael Hester of Gulfport, told the Circuit Court jury that the District Attorney’s Office is relying on circumstantial evidence for a conviction. Nobody saw who shot Martin, Hester said.

But Assistant District Attorney Mitch Owen said prosecutors will prove Ball pulled the trigger on a .40-caliber Glock five times, hitting Martin in the head and killing him. Ball snuck up on Martin the night of Sept. 13, 2016, Owen said, because Ball was upset over a breakup with his girlfriend and mad because he thought Martin had since been seeing her.

Martin was with a different young lady the night he died. She admitted they were smoking marijuana and several people tapped on the car windshield that night to buy some. She said Martin always stepped out of the car, which was hers, to sell the pot.

They were stoned and listening to music when she heard gunshots. She said Martin tried to back up the car because he knew once it left the driveway, an alarm would go off. He was wearing an ankle monitor because he was under house arrest for an unspecified crime.

He wanted to straighten up his life, the girlfriend said, and was ready to celebrate his 21st birthday the next day.

His grandmother, Hazel Stubbs, heard the shots, too, while inside doing chores. She tried twice to call Martin’s phone but got no answer. She waited a minute or two, then opened the door. Martin’s girlfriend ran into the house.

Stubbs went to the car to check on her grandson. She felt for a heartbeat but found none. She called Gulfport police, who responded to the house in Villa Del Ray and began their investigation.

Prosecutors have 16 more witnesses on their list, although it is not known how many of those will take the stand. The defense will then present its case.

The Sun Herald will update this story after jury deliberations, which are not expected Tuesday.