Beware: White van handing out bag of rocks with note about al-Qaeda, Hancock officials say

Pro-tip: If you find a note with the words “al-Qaeda” and a sketchy web address, don’t go to the website.

Hancock County sheriff’s officials posted to Facebook on Friday about an apparent spam that installs malware on computers or other electronic devises when opened.

The malware is disguised as a website, sheriff’s officials said in the post.

Residents told deputies that a white van is dropping off clear bags of rocks in their yards. Inside, a note claiming a group called ALPHA is responsible for the deaths caused by the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the 2014 tsunami in Sri Lanka.

ALPHA is also responsible for the deaths of “hundreds of thousands” of al-Qaeda members, the note said.

There’s a website listed on the bottom of the sheet. The sheriff’s department said some who have gotten the bags have tried to go the site and their electronic devices were infected with the virus.

“Instinctually, people go to the website to figure out the source,” the post said. “Unknowingly, they open their devices to implementation of malware.”

If you get a bag of the rocks in your front yard, call 228-466-6900.