Girls laid awake at night, worried their abuser would come back. Now he’s in prison.

For years, two young girls would stay awake in their bed at night, worried their abuser would come back to sexually assault them again.

Their fear ended Monday a judge sentenced Jefferson Lee Jordan, 43, to a 40-year day-for-day sentence for three counts of sexual battery.

In addition, the judge ordered Jordan to serve the maximum 15-year sentence for performing other sexual acts on the kids, both of which were relatives. The charge for crime was touching of a child for lustful purposes. The crimes occurred at different times in the last two years.

“It’s unfathomable that an adult could inflict this type of physical and emotional pain on his relatives,” District Attorney Angel Myers McIlrath said. “ The bravery exhibited by these young girls, coupled with the investigation by the George County Sheriff’s Department, led us to the 40-year day-for-day sentenced handed down today. I hope this sentence sends a message to child predators that we will prosecute their cases to the full extent of the law and hold them accountable for abusing children in our community.”

The judge also fined Jordan $1,000 for each of the charges and he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The two victims were instrumental in the prosecution of Jordan’s case.

Assistant District Attorney Carolyn Lewis called the sexual attacks against the children “unimaginable.”

“He took advantage of their innocence and trust in him and used it to manipulate and intimidate them to satisfy his perverted desires,” Lewis said.

The long sentences, Lewis added, has eliminated Jefferson’s ability to harm another child.