Motorist injured in Biloxi car-train crash is ‘fortunate,’ Biloxi chief says

Biloxi police are investigating a train-vechicle crash Wednesday afternoon at the Iroquois Street railroad crossing near downtown, police said.

The accident occurred after the driver attempted to cross the railroad tracks in front of the CSX train.

Police Chief John Miller said there were no life-threatening injuries to the driver.

“She was fine,” Miller said. “Very fortunate. You usually don’t win with a train.”

The woman, who was in a pickup truck, was identified as Kelly Devine, 24, of Biloxi.

She was taken to a local hospital as a precaution after complaining of neck pain, Miller said.

The railroad crossing will reopen once authorities are able to remove the car from underneath the train.

Police said the delay around the railroad crossing should be cleared up shortly after they are able to remove the crashed car from underneath the train.

Biloxi police and firefighters responded.

The accident remains under investigation.