He filmed sex with a Coast 15-year-old and planned to sell the video, prosecutor says

A 40-year-old man pressured a 15-year-old girl to have sex, and he recorded it and sent a copy to her cellphone, an affidavit alleges.

Evidence shows the man planned to sell the video and could have made a lot of money for it, said Herman Cox, Harrison County prosecuting attorney.

It reportedly happened Dec. 22, 2018, at the Days Inn off U.S. 49.

The girl told someone at her high school, and police were called in, the sworn police statement says.

She is related to the man, records show.

The girl told police Det. Christine Clark the room number and showed her a copy of the video she had saved on her iPhone.

Clark said she was able to identify the girl and the suspect in the video.

Clark obtained arrest warrants for Kevin Ray Greenwell on charges of statutory rape, exploitation of a child and disseminating sexually-oriented material to a person under the age of 18. Police arrested him Jan. 9.

Greenwell, who listed himself as homeless in court documents, has been held at the Harrison County jail on bonds that total $325,000.

He was set for a preliminary hearing Wednesday in the jail courtroom.

His attorney declined to have the hearing, and Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain sent the case to the next grand jury, Cox said.

In his petition for a court-appointed attorney, Greenwell said he is a felon with two convictions. He was convicted of possession of synthetic narcotics from an arrest in Harrison County in 2009, and has a forgery conviction from Florida, records show.

Robin Fitzgerald covers real-time news, such as crime, public safety and trending stories. In nearly 40 years as a journalist, her highest honors include investigative awards for covering the aftermath of the fatal beating of a Harrison County jail inmate in 2006 and related civil rights violations. She is a Troy University graduate.