Video shows truck crashing into Harrison County courthouse

Harrison County surveillance video released Tuesday shows a Toyota pickup ramming into the courthouse and plate glass raining down on the hood before a man climbs out the passenger side and stands on the sidewalk, calmly surveying the damage.

Gulfport police arrested Keith Rio Cavalier, 28, shortly after the incident, charging him with first-offense DUI and felony malicious mischief.

After climbing out of the truck, the suspect talks briefly with someone who appears to happen by, then walks from view.

The video shows the truck hit the window at 5:42 a.m. Cavalier was jailed the same morning on a $25,000 bond and remains behind bars, the county jail docket shows.

His arrest record dates to 2011, when he was charged with resisting arrest. He also was charged with domestic violence in 2015 and with malicious mischief and domestic violence in 2017.

The county has closed metal shutters over the large windows that were shattered at the building’s entrance.

Employees are still working to obtain an estimate of damages, but they are expected to be more than $1,000, the amount that triggers a felony charge.

Anita Lee: 228-896-2331, @CAnitaLee1