She was caring for a quadriplegic man when $2,000 went missing. But she may not see jail time.

Andrea Brewer
Andrea Brewer

Andrea Brewer was supposed to be taking care of a quadriplegic man and handling his expenses when she stole more than $2,000 from him.

Brewer pleaded guilty Wednesday to a felony charge of embezzlement for using the Jackson County man's debit card to withdraw the money from his account at Navigator Credit Union. She made the withdrawals over a two-week period in June 2015.

She said she used the money to buy muscle creams and other undisclosed items.

The state Attorney General's Office had recommended a three-year sentence, with two years suspended and one year to serve.

But Judge Dale Harkey gave Brewer a break after she admitted her crime and said she was now working full-time and raising an infant daughter in Tacoma, Washington.

The judge noted Brewer had no prior criminal history and accepted her responsibility for her crime when he handed down a three-year sentence, suspending two years and leaving her one year to serve under supervision.

The judge fined her and ordered her to pay $2,072 in restitution to the victim within 90 days. If Brewer stays out of trouble and pays all of the fines, restitution and court costs, she will have no felony record because the sentence is non-adjudicated.

“It was a non-violent crime but there again, you were taking care of an individual who can't care for himself,” Harkey said Wednesday. “You abused that trust and took his money. You do one thing one time to violate the laws, you will be returned here. If I believe there is sufficient evidence you committed a (another) crime, I'll then sentence you to the penitentiary.”