Two Gulfport cops were assaulted — at the police station, officials say

The 24-hour lobby at the Gulfport Police Department turned chaotic Wednesday morning after two men entered the station to ask about the arrest of a relative, police say.

Kelvin Lamont Holmes became agitated and began to use loud vulgar language, Sgt. Clayton Fulks said. After officers advised Holmes he was under arrest for disorderly conduct and was told to put his hands behind his back, the 25-year-old pulled away and a struggle ensued, Fulks said.

During the struggle, Fulks said, Holmes assaulted an officer by trying to climb on top of him and hold him down. Taro-Javier Robinson, 24, then tried to help Holmes by pulling the officer away, Fulks said. Police struggled with both men but eventually arrested them, Fulks said.

Holmes and Robinson, both of Gulfport, were originally charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, but the charges were upgraded to simple assault on a police officer after further review, Fulks said.

Holmes and Robinson were each held at the Harrison County jail on bonds of $40,000, which were set by Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner.

Patrick Ochs: 228-896-2326, @patrickochs