'Pull the trigger,' man tells Gulfport police before things got physical, cops say

Raphael Parkman
Raphael Parkman

A drunken man interrupted an officer while the officer was talking to someone at Crossroads shopping center and told the officer things such as, "Why don't you just shoot me!" and "Pull the trigger," police said.

Someone had flagged down the officer in the shopping center about 3:12 p.m. Tuesday, and the man kept interrupting the conversation and wouldn't leave, Police Sgt. Clayton Fulks said.

But the man, identified as Raphael Parkman, came back to the officer and began "using loud profane language," Fulks said.

A second officer went to the scene, and both officers noticed shoppers "were visibly shaken by Parkman's actions," he said.

The officers, believing Parkman was under the influence of alcohol, tried to talk to Parkman, but he started striking them with his elbow and he scratched one officer on the face, Fulks said.

A struggle followed before the officers handcuffed him, he said.

Police arrested Parkman on a charge of public drunkenness.

They added two counts of simple assault on a police officer, one count for each officer, after getting warrants for the felonies from Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner.

Parkman, 33, was taken to the Harrison County jail, where he was being held on bonds that total $80,000, the jail docket shows.

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