He tried to run from cops but ran into a problem — a military base, Biloxi cops say

Joseph Anthony Kamont II
Joseph Anthony Kamont II

The long arm of the law goes hand-in-glove with the Air Force in Biloxi.

At least, that's what one man learned when he tried to run from Biloxi Police, only to be stopped short when he ran out of road at the Pass Road entrance to Keesler Air Force Base.

A woman had told police she heard a car door shut about 11 p.m. Wednesday and looked out her window to see two people running in her front yard with flashlights, Police Maj. Christopher De Back said.

Officers went to her home in the 800 block of Vee Street and tried to speak to the driver of a suspicious vehicle.

The driver was in the vehicle alone and sped off, De Back said.

The car took off on Vee Street, crossed the Popp's Ferry Bridge and stopped in the 1600 block of Pass Road, De Back said.

Police identified the driver as Joseph Anthony Kamont II, 43, of Biloxi. He faces a charge of felony eluding.

Officers did not find a second person. Kamont was alone in his car when police stopped him, De Back said.

Kamont was booked at the Harrison County jail and held on a $25,000 bond set by Justice Court Judge Bruce Strong.

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