A Gulfport 9-year-old awoke to see a man standing over the bed with his pants down

Dominique Montez Macon
Dominique Montez Macon

Dominique Montez Macon told the judge he saw a cracked window, pushed it open and climbed into the bedroom of a Gulfport home where two little boys slept.

It was after midnight in May 2016. Macon told Judge Lisa Dodson that he did not know why he climbed in the window.

But he told Gulfport police after his arrest that he was looking for sex. Macon, 25, said he digitally penetrated a 9-year-old boy sleeping in the room.

Macon pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of sexual battery and one count of burglary. He is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 10, after the Mississippi Department of Corrections completes a pre-sentence investigation.

Assistant District Attorney Jason Josef said the 9-year-old awoke to see Macon standing over the bed with his pants down. His 6-year-old brother woke up, saw Macon and screamed, at which point Macon fled.

The boys told their father what had happened. Their father called police.

In exchange for Macon's guilty pleas, the District Attorney's Office agreed to drop a 2015 charge of cyberstalking and a second burglary charge from 2016.

Assistant District Attorney Jason Josef said Macon's fingerprints were found in another home, where he had broken in and asked a child for oral sex.

Macon admitted to the previous burglary, also in the middle of the night.

The fingerprints, coupled with the 6-year-old's positive identification of Macon from the second burglary, led to his arrest.

District Attorney Joel Smith said in a news release, “The Gulfport Police Department did tremendous investigative work to be able to quickly identify the suspect and make an arrest within a day of the crime being committed. It is a demonstration of their commitment to the protection of our children.”

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