Another alleged victim of Ole Miss student describes encounter with 'Date Rape McGee'

Dustin McGee
Dustin McGee Oxford Police Department

The deceptive thing about many rape survivors is their scars usually don't show.

On her Facebook page, the 19-year-old from Brandon is smiling, beautiful, active. But she sometimes fights dissociation and other emotions over what she says is a rape she's kept secret for four years.

After seeing coverage in mid-April of an Ole Miss student allegedly raped by another Ole Miss student, Dustin McGee, 20, her high school classmate, the woman decided she needed to tell her story that she says involved the same man.

The Clarion Ledger does not identify by name victims or alleged victims of sexual assault.

McGee, according to police and multiple other sources, was known to some from his high school as "Date Rape McGee." The woman from Brandon said she was there when McGee first got that nickname.

"I know where that name came from. One of my friends was where that came from," she said.

She said McGee, who is from Rankin County, had tried to block her friend in as she was leaving a party. There were several witnesses to the incident, and while nothing sexual happened, she said, it freaked her friend out, prompting her friend to coin the nickname.

After issuing a news release about the Ole Miss student's allegation of an April 9 rape, along with McGee's mugshot, Oxford police confirm others have reached out with information on past encounters with the suspect.

Both the woman who created the nickname and the woman from Brandon have spoken with Oxford police. Authorities confirmed the woman from Brandon has filed a report with Brandon police as well.

"We don't have any additional charges yet, but we have talked to some ladies who have come forward," Oxford Police Department Lt. Jeff McCutchen said.

There are multiple victims that she knows of, the Brandon woman said. She wants them to know there is hope, and that telling your story can help keep others from being victimized.

The Brandon woman said she had known McGee in high school and had considered him a friend. He was a year older than her, and they had shared a class.

"Dustin had a reputation for being really aggressive with girls," she said.

One day when she was 15 years old, he offered her a ride home from school, she said, and the situation got out of control.

"Basically he told me I wouldn’t be able to go all the way home until I gave him what he wanted," she said. "It came down to me being forced. I didn't want to do it."

While it wasn't violent, she said she felt like it would have been if she had put up much more of a fight. She was confused and ashamed, she said. She immediately started to distance herself from McGee, and she didn't tell anyone what had happened. At 15, she didn't know really how to deal with it.

As more women started to share their stories of various assaults in the media, the woman from Brandon said she began to consider telling hers. It wasn't until she read the account given to the Clarion Ledger by the mother of the alleged victim in Oxford, however, that she decided to come forward.

The mother said her daughter had been kidnapped, beaten, bitten and raped. The mother also asked that other women who may have had encounters with the suspect come forward.

"When I saw how brutally he allegedly hurt her, I was like, 'Something needs to be done about that,'" the Brandon woman said.

She said she called a detective in Oxford and was referred to the Brandon Police Department. Then, she decided it was time to tell those closest to her.

"After I talked to Oxford, I told my mom because I could see me becoming more involved than I had initially planned to be," the woman from Brandon said. "I just wanted to come forward because there are other girls who I've spoken to that aren’t willing to come forward because of fear. I just wanted to be someone to stand up for the girls who were afraid."

The mother of the alleged victim in Oxford said her daughter was leaving a party at the same time as McGee when he offered to share an Uber ride. She was acquainted with McGee, but they were not on a date. The mother said her daughter indicated at that time she had no reason to fear for her safety. The mother said her daughter was taken to the suspect's home where he assaulted and beat her for around an hour until he passed out. Medical reports given to the Clarion Ledger by the woman's mother show she had bruises and hematomas on her neck, breasts, abdomen, genitals, legs and knees. She had been bitten on her left breast.

On April 10, Justice Court Judge Carolyn Bell set bond at $20,000 for McGee, who is facing kidnapping and rape charges. The alleged victim's mother, along with many others who joined the outcry on social media, says that's unacceptable.

Unless something unexpected develops, McCutchen said the case should go to the grand jury in May and hopefully authorities will know the outcome by June.

But for victims of any sexual predator, reports like these resonate in everyday life all the time.

"I backed out of trying to have relationships with boys," the Brandon accuser said. "I've had a few relationships since, but I can tell when I get uncomfortable and I start to pull away."

The woman from Brandon said she hopes others who have information pertinent to the suspect will continue to come forward. While the concern of backlash exists, she said she's willing to tell her story for the sake of the others who don't feel they're able to yet.

"I'm not scared," she said.