Man convicted of stalking her didn't walk away when he saw her again in Waveland, cops say

She either didn't hear him clearly or couldn't understand what he said, but when she saw the man convicted of stalking her at a Coast business, she knew she needed to get away, police say.

Brandon Michael Witt, 34, then followed her through the Waveland business on April 7, "yelling and flailing his arms in her direction," police Investigator Ronald Storey said.

After he was arrested Tuesday on a felony stalking charge and a misdemeanor charge of violating a protective order, Police Chief David Allen said Witt told investigators he was upset about his stalking arrest in Feb. 2017 — and his subsequent conviction the following month.

"He made a point to go up to her," Allen said. "She heard him and tried to get away."

Storey said the two were previously co-workers. According to the investigation, Storey said, Witt and the victim were randomly at the same business.

He said it's an ongoing investigation.

Patrick Ochs: 228-896-2326, @patrickochs