'Boo Man' spent time in prison on 7 drug convictions. That didn't stop him from dealing.

Orlando A. "Boo Man" Isom
Orlando A. "Boo Man" Isom

Prison time for seven felony drug convictions hasn't stopped a Moss Point man from selling drugs, so now he's going to prison for 20 full years, a prosecutor said.

Because of Orlando "Boo Man" Isom's drug-dealing, people have developed addictions that have destroyed their lives, District Attorney Tony Lawrence said.

Isom, sentenced as a habitual offender on Monday, delivered cocaine and meth to others, and faced the possibility of 120 years in prison.

An investigation of his drug dealing came to a head in August 2016, when the South Mississippi Metro Enforcement Team used a confidential informant to buy cocaine and meth from Isom, Lawrence said.

Narcotics agents arrested Isom in October 2016 and said he was in possession of 21 doses of hydrocodone and 9.73 grams of cocaine.

Judge Dale Harkey, ruling in Jackson County Circuit Court, accepted Isom's guilty pleas on two counts of transfer of cocaine and one count each of transfer of meth, possession of cocaine and possession of hydrocodone.

Harkey also ordered Isom to five years of post-release supervision, fined him $5,000 and ordered he pay all court costs plus a $1,500 crime lab fee.

Isom has been in a state prison since his arrest on probation warrants, serving time on his most recent convictions. He was convicted on two counts of drug possession and one count of possession with intent in Jackson County on Oct. 8, 2014, the state prison website shows.

Without further convictions, he could have been released from prison on Feb. 12, 2019.

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