He turned right on red and another driver pulled a gun. 'I feared for my life,' says Saucier father.

Quentin Sierra didn't realize that turning right on a red light would lead him to fear for his life.

It wasn't the red light that scared him. It wasn't the Cadillac that seemed to appear from nowhere behind him.

The driver of the Cadillac is accused of trapping Sierra in a driveway and pointing a gun at him.

"I feared for my life," Sierra said. "I've got three sons. A lot went through my mind right then."

Sierra, a Coast Guard veteran who lives in Saucier, said he was driving south Thursday morning on Popp's Ferry Road and turned west onto Pass Road on a red light.

"This white Cadillac flew up behind me, honking and flipping me off out the window," Sierra said.

"Naturally, I flipped him off, too. But I tried to get away from him so I turned my truck into a driveway across from Bay Vista (Baptist) Church."

Sierra said the man blocked him in, so he got out of the truck and said to the man, "Hey, what's the deal."

"He already had a revolver pointed at me. I started running to my truck. I just knew he was going to shoot me in the back."

Sierra said he got in his truck and called 911, giving the car's tag number to a dispatcher as both vehicles resumed travel on Pass Road. Sierra said he kept the truck in sight, and the driver started waving him down, trying to get him to pull over at Big Lake Road.

"He didn't know I was already on the phone with a dispatcher," Sierra said. "The dispatcher told me to stay on the phone because police were on their way. I described the revolver before police found it."

Sierra followed the Cadillac into the parking lot of Hobby Lobby and followed a dispatcher's advise to stay away from the driver. Police have said they found the man and he did have a gun.

"He told police, 'He pulled out in front of me.'"

"I don't think pulling in front of anybody justifies road rage," Sierra said.

"I just hope police and a judge can convince this man that it's absolutely inappropriate to pull out a gun like that and put a person in fear of their life. You don't pull out a gun if you don't intend to use it."

Police didn't arrest the man at the scene, saying they didn't witness it so Sierra would need to file a complaint. Sierra went to the police department and filed a complaint for the arrest of John Michael Anderson on a charge of pointing and aiming a gun. The charge is a misdemeanor.

Anderson's name did not appear on the Harrison County jail docket early Friday night.

Drivers should remain calm and give other drivers the benefit of the doubt, Biloxi Police Major Christopher De Back said regarding road rage.

"Sometimes people just don't see you, or you were in their blind spot," De Back said. "It doesn't mean that what they've inadvertently done should upset you."

Likewise, if a driver gives you hand gestures, "ignore it," he said.

How to avoid road rage

  • Stay calm and don't let someone else's actions anger you.

  • Drive defensively.

  • Use your turn signal.

  • If someone wants to pass you or pull in in front of you, let them.

  • Expect other drivers to make mistakes and remember that everybody makes mistakes.

  • Don't honk your horn unless you need to.

  • If someone confronts you, don't stop. Keep driving and call the police.