Father Jesus, who wants to build a church in Gulfport, has been arrested

Father Jesus
Father Jesus

Father Jesus, whose bid to build a church in North Gulfport was rejected Thursday, was arrested Sunday after police say he was in a domestic dispute that involved a flare gun.

Father Jesus, 42, faces misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace and failing to comply with a command from police officers.

Police responded to a call Sunday on 11th Street, where Father Jesus lives with his wife. Police say he was wearing a white robe, crown and shoulder holster.

“While officers were attempting to investigate the complaint, Jesus used loud offensive language, which was heard by the public nearby.”

Police recovered a 12-gauge flare gun with flares.

Father Jesus posted a $677 bond Sunday night and was released from jail a little more than two hours after he arrived, the jail docket shows.

Father Jesus legally changed his name from Ray Laster Jr. He told the Sun Herald in an interview last week that he considers himself to be the embodiment of Christ.

He calls his proposed church The Saints of the Most High.