His ‘soon-to-be ex-wife’ stabbed him with a butcher knife, Ocean Springs police say

Stephanie Leigh Richard
Stephanie Leigh Richard

A verbal argument sparked by a man’s daughter giving his “soon-to-be ex-wife” “the finger” escalated into a physical fight between the separated couple earlier this month, officials said.

Capt. William Jackson said Stephanie Leigh Richard was arrested on March 2 on an aggravated assault charge following a fight with her estranged husband, Earle Richard.

Jackson said the incident started about 6 p.m. when Stephanie went to see a friend, who lives next to Earle’s mother.

Stephanie was coming out of the driveway when Earle’s daughter “flipped her off,” Jackson said, which “caused some animosity” between the two. He said when Stephanie walked around the back of the house she claimed she was jumped by four teenage boys.

Earle’s daughter, Kendra Richard, told the Sun Herald on Wednesday that the incident started because Stephanie almost hit her with her vehicle.

Police were called but there was not enough evidence to warrant any arrests. He said Stephanie, who lives in their family home while the divorce is finalized, spent the next four or five hours at the hospital being treated for her injuries.

Earle, who is staying with his mother, went by his former house to let Stephanie’s puppy outside to go to the bathroom. At about midnight, Stephanie returned home and got into a verbal argument with Earle.

After shoving him into a dishwasher in the kitchen, Jackson said, Stephanie allegedly grabbed a 13-inch butcher knife and stabbed Earle through one of his biceps. He was able to escape to call authorities, and required surgery to repair his arm.

Stephanie initially received a $100,000 bond, but it was reduced to $50,000 during her preliminary hearing. She remains in custody, Jackson said.

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