A Coast man was stomped, robbed and beaten with a shotgun. Police say a woman started it.

A woman instigated an armed robbery and assault and called family members to come help after she set her plan into action, police say.

Once it was all said and done, the victim was left lying in a ditch with injuries that include being beaten with the butt of a shotgun.

It happened on Morningview Drive, a neighborhood between 2nd Street and Mississippi 63.

Billie Sherille Norman, 40, “actually started calling her brothers and cousins to get involved just after it started,” Detective Kimberlee Snowden said. “They were just around the corner.”

Norman’s family knows the victim and she knows of him, Snowden said. The detective described the victim as a man in his late 20s to early 30s.

During the holdup, a shotgun was fired either at the victim or in the vicinity.

The victim had torn or cut skin on his face and his jacket had what appeared to be shoe prints. Police say the shoe prints are consistent with the man’s report that someone had stomped on him.

“He was beat up pretty badly and required medical treatment,” Snowden said.

The victim told police his cellphone, cash, car keys and car stereo were stolen on Jan. 16.

Police had first arrested Norman’s brother, 37-year-old Terrence Gerome Norman, on charges of aggravated assault and armed robbery.

Billie Norman disappeared to avoid arrest, detectives said, but she was caught Wednesday after police said they received a tip on her whereabouts.

Pascagoula police arrested her in a traffic stop. Police said she had a suspended driver’s license, no insurance and a switched car tag.

Billie Norman faces the same charges as her brother.

Terrance Norman made headlines after police said he tried to escape from the Moss Point Police Department on Feb. 1.

After his arrest on the assault and robbery charges, he ran out the back door of the police station while officers were preparing to take him from a holding cell to the Jackson County jail, Interim Police Chief Brandon Ashley said at the time.

Police caught him in the parking lot and added a misdemeanor escape charge. He is free on felony bonds that total $75,000.

Billie Norman remained in custody Thursday afternoon. Her bonds total $150,000.

More arrests are likely, Snowden said. Detective Mark Peters is the lead case detective.

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