He was drunk when he hit mail boxes and a car, police say. Now he gets another DUI.

Raymond Gene Rodgers Jr.
Raymond Gene Rodgers Jr.

A man police say ran over mail boxes and hit a car head-on four months ago has been arrested on another DUI charge.

This time, he can’t get out of jail.

Raymond Rodgers Jr. had a pending charge of DUI third offense when he was driving intoxicated Saturday night, Assistant Police Chief Bruce Carver said.

“People like this are truly a danger,” Carver said.

Rodgers, 39, now also faces a charge of DUI fourth offense. A judge has revoked his bond on the previous charge.

A neighbor had called police Saturday night to report Rodgers had left his house in his vehicle and was driving intoxicated, Carver said.

Officers were looking for him and soon saw him at the intersection of Pineville Road and Railroad Street at 9:07 p.m.

Rodgers had his lights on high-beam, Carver said. Officers pulled him over on a traffic violation as Raymond turned into the Walgreen’s parking lot, Carver said.

“He was impaired by alcohol, based on all the evidence,” Carver said.

Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner ordered Rodgers held with no bond pending court action.

Long Beach police arrested Rodgers on his third DUI on Oct. 12, 2017.

Police weren’t far away when he allegedly mowed down mail boxes and struck a car. The other driver saw him coming and pulled over to avoid a crash, but Rodgers struck his vehicle head-on, Carver said.

It happened near the Long Beach Police Department. Police arrested Rodgers on West Old Pass Road near Seal Avenue.

No one was injured.

This is Rodgers’ 12th stay at the Harrison County jail since Dec. 3, 2016. His past misdemeanor charges include public drunk, trespassing, disorderly conduct and interfering with customers of a business.

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