What he did to a woman at her apartment has landed him in jail, police say

Kelvin Montrell Sams
Kelvin Montrell Sams

People in an apartment called police to report a man had strangled a woman until she had passed out.

From what witnesses reported, Kelvin Sams was at the woman’s apartment on McDonnell Avenue when they had an argument and “he choked her until she went unconscious,” Biloxi Police Detective Kris Hines said.

Sams, 26, was being held at the Harrison County jail Monday on a $250,000 bond.

Police had received several phone calls about the alleged violence Tuesday night, Hines said.

Sams injured himself before police arrived at an apartment in the 200 block of McDonnell, Hines said. Sams required medical treatment that delayed his arrest.

“He lost his temper and had a self-inflicted injury, and was taken to an out-of-state hospital to have a specialist perform surgery,” Hines said.

Police arrested Sams on a charge of aggravated domestic assault charge on Saturday.

Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain set the bond when he signed Sams’ arrest warrant.

Anytime a person is strangled or choked until they lose consciousness or their airway is cut off, it’s an automatic felony, Hines said.

The penalty is two to 20 years in prison.

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