A Harrison County inmate is dead. The sheriff says it was suicide.

Guy Anthony Copous Jr.
Guy Anthony Copous Jr.

A Harrison County inmate killed himself Thursday, Sheriff Troy Peterson confirmed, after being arrested for violating his probation on a conviction of touching a child for lustful purposes.

Gulfport police on Tuesday arrested Guy Anthony Copous Jr. on a felony charge of possessing methamphetamine, plus misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Peterson said the Mississippi Department of Corrections then issued a warrant against Copous for violating his probation on the child sex-abuse charge.

Peterson said he could not release any further details on the suicide until the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, sheriff’s office and District Attorney’s office finish an investigation into the death.

“Anytime anything happens in the jail, I'm going to make sure that there's an investigation so there's no question of what happened,” Peterson said. “I don't ever want the public or the family or the district attorney's office to have a question about it.”

Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove said an autopsy is being completed, as is always the case with an inmate death.

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