A judge tried to get a woman help by ordering her to rehab. A cellphone made things worse.

Erin Rebeccah Doyle
Erin Rebeccah Doyle

A judge had ordered a woman to check into a drug rehab while a grand jury looks at evidence in the burglary of her father’s carpentry shop.

It seemed all was going well, considering the circumstances, until the 26-year-old woman decided to call her boyfriend. The rehab doesn’t allow its patients to have a cellphone.

Erin Rebeccah Doyle of Pearlington reportedly called her boyfriend on a cellphone several times from the rehab center. A detective says the rehab center found out about the cellphone and kicked her out.

That was only the beginning of more legal woes for Doyle, who had moved in with an aunt in Bayside Park.

The $220 cost of phone calls to her boyfriend came out of her aunt’s bank account. Her aunt’s diamond ring, said to be worth about $3,400, disappeared. So did the woman’s cellphone and debit card.

“Her aunt went out to go shopping and learned she had no money,” Hancock County Sheriff’s Investigator Bruce Lilly said.

Investigators arrested Doyle on Monday and details began to fall into place with a confession on Tuesday, Lilly said.

Doyle had pawned the ring and used the debit card in Waveland, Lilly said. Investigators found the ring and have returned it to the owner.

Sheriff’s investigators arrested her on a grand larceny charge.

Meanwhile, the Waveland Police Department arrested her on two counts of credit card fraud. Doyle used the card for $188 in gas and merchandise in two trips to Walmart, Waveland Police Chief Dave Allen said.

Doyle’s bonds total $30,000, but she is being held with no bond on a commercial burglary charge from her arrest on Jan. 26, 2017.

That’s when Lilly arrested Doyle, her boyfriend and several others in the burglary of her father’s carpentry shop in Pearlington.

“They were burglarizing the business on a nightly basis, dropping down through the attic to steal tools, a generator, a welding machine and guns,” Lilly said.

“It’s all about meth. That’s why they’re all in trouble.”

Doyle’s boyfriend is being held for the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department in a Louisiana jail, Lilly said.

“All but one have confessed,” Lilly said of the burglary suspects.

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