He broke into a brewery and tried to smash the register, video shows. Do you know him?

A small business in downtown Gulfport is asking for help identifying a suspect who broke in earlier in the week.

Chandeleur Island Brewing Company released surveillance footage on its Facebook page showing a man going behind the counter early Sunday morning and causing property damage.

“It looks like he broke in, tried to smash open the register and left when the alarm started going off,” said Dave Reese, Chandeleur’s brewmaster.

The suspect appears to have entered and left through the front door of the business without taking any money.

“It looks like he parked his car across the street, so I guess he came here especially to break in,” Reese said.

The suspect was driving a later model Nissan Maxima, Reese said.

“There have a few other break-ins in downtown Gulfport, but we don’t know if this one is related to that,” he added.

Reese said he and other members of the staff have tried to make light of the situation, even though a part for the register needs to be replaced.

“Our joke around here is that since we had just released a new brew a few days before that he couldn’t wait to get more,” Reese said. “But of course we feel violated. We have increased our security protocols, but I don’t think it’s anything to make us close our doors in the long run. It just sucks.”

Anyone with information on the suspect can contact Gulfport Police Department at 228-868-5959.