A burglary victim lost his phone, but not for long. Police say a tracking app led to the thief.

Tyler Jacoby Jones
Tyler Jacoby Jones

The victim of an auto burglary used a cellphone tracking app to find the alleged thief, police said.

The cellphone was stolen from a woman’s vehicle in the 800 block of Vee Street on Wednesday, Investigator Nick Sonnier said.

The woman used another device to track the phone and gave police an address on Camp Wilkes Road.

Officers went to the address and found Tyler Jacoby Jones, 26, of Biloxi, with the phone, Sonnier said.

Androids, iPhones and Windows cellular phones have apps to track your phone if the occasion arises, but if your phone’s battery goes dead before you’ve tracked it, you’re out of luck.

Android devices use a Google account for a tracking app while iPhones use your iCloud account, according to If you have a Windows phone, you use your Microsoft account.

All three will let you remotely lock your phone, wipe out its memory, make it ring and allow messages to alert someone honest who’s found it, the website says.

If someone finds your phone, communicate with them only by email or text, and don’t go meet them alone to retrieve your phone.

Jones, who has three burglary convictions and at least six auto burglary arrests since 2011, was taken to the Harrison County jail.

Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain set his bond at $50,000.

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