‘Aggressive’ man assaulted two first responders during medical call, police say

Michael Tobayas May
Michael Tobayas May Biloxi Police Department

An encounter with a man who acting “erratically, aggressive and combative” ended with two Biloxi firefighters going to a local hospital and an arrest, Biloxi police said.

Biloxi police Maj. Christopher De Back said in a news release that Michael Tobayas May, 38, was arrested Saturday in the 200 block of Rodenburg Avenue.

De Back said officers responded to a medical emergency involving a subject who had possibly fallen and injured himself. He said officers made contact with May, who had noticeable injuries to his face. May then assaulted two of the firefighters who were trying to assist him by spitting a large amount of a blood/saliva mixture into their face and eyes.

The two first responders and May were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Upon his release, May was arrested on two counts of assault on a fireman, which is a felony. May’s bond was set at $50,000 by Judge Albert Fountain.