She spent five nights in jail. She was actually a victim of the crime, sheriff says.

A Saucier woman accused of stealing identities and exploiting an elderly man will not face criminal charges after all.

The five charges on which Lynda Wolfe was arrested have been dismissed, Sheriff Ricky Adam confirmed Wednesday.

Shara Faye Leon, the neighbor arrested with Wolfe, now faces a new charge of identity theft.

“Ms. Wolfe was indeed a victim of identity theft herself,” Adam said.

“Early on, it appeared she was involved because her name was on some paid receipts. In actuality, after further investigation and looking at her information, she was indeed a victim herself.”

Deputies arrested Wolfe, 55, on five charges Nov. 14.

She spent five nights in jail on bonds that totaled $55,000.

Both women initially were accused of stealing identities and paying bills with other people’s money. One of the victims was an elderly man, the sheriff said.

Leon, 39, has remained in custody at the Hancock County jail on the same bonds set for Wolfe.

An investigator presented Leon with an arrest warrant Tuesday for the new charge. She has no bond on that charge pending an initial court appearance, the jail docket showed Wednesday.

The original charges filed are exploitation of a vulnerable adult, identity theft, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit identity theft.

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