Courthouse cleared after caller warns of threat in a courtroom

George County deputies cleared a courtroom and evacuated the county courthouse after a caller warned of a possible threat in a courtroom.

Circuit Judge Robert Krebs was on the bench Thursday for docket call, a hearing to check on the scheduling of activity in pending cases, Sheriff Keith Havard said.

A caller’s threat about 9:06 a.m. wasn’t clear, but it was enough for deputies to secure the judge, those in the courtroom and everyone in the courthouse, he said.

“The caller said there was a threat in the courtroom of somebody possibly having a weapon,” Havard said.

“The caller didn’t say what kind of weapon. We called for assistance from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and doubled up our security.”

The interior of the courthouse was deemed safe and all who re-entered again went through a metal-detecting security screening, Havard said.

A bomb-sniffing dog was checking the outside perimeter as a precaution after the courthouse re-opened.

It was unclear if the threat involved a particular criminal case on the judge’s docket.

“It’s just the world we live in these days,” Havard said.

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