A father accused of beating and burning his son was set for trial. But now it’s on hold.

Judge Robert Krebs on Monday set a status date in the felony child abuse case against a father accused of beating and burning his son, Zander Saucier, then age 3.

Nathan Blake McCrory, 25, was set to go to trial Monday, but Assistant District Attorney Justin Lovorn said prosecutors have provide an additional 700-plus pages of evidence to McCrory’s attorney, James Farrior, who still needs time to review the material.

In addition, Lovorn said, prosecutors provided McCrory’s attorney with more than 24 hours of video the attorney hasn’t had time to review yet.

The judge ordered McCrory back to court Sept. 7 for a status update in the case.

McCrory was arrested in April 2016 after Jackson County deputies responded to a report of suspected child abuse at Singing River Hospital. Zander was airlifted to USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile, where he was hospitalized for a week.

Emily Saucier, the child’s mother, said she didn’t know how bad her son’s injuries were until she got the hospital.

Jimmy Spears, whom Zander calls “Unc,” says what Saucier saw was something “no Momma, MeMe or Unc, should ever have to see or hear.”

Zander’s face was swollen shut. He had suffered burns, bruises, a brain bleed and other injuries so severe doctors were unable to tell Saucier at first if Zander would live or die.

Since the incident, Saucier and Spears have continued to ask for prayers for Zander and the rest of the family as they await McCrory’s trial.

Overall, the family said, Zander is much better now, but he still suffers a few setbacks when bad memories crop up.

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