Injured woman tells deputies man beat, strangled and kicked her

Ferrell Jerry Stuart Jr.
Ferrell Jerry Stuart Jr.

A man beat a woman repeatedly, strangled and kicked her when she tried to get away, a sheriff’s spokeswoman said.

Reports show the couple had been to a river and returned home Sunday night when the woman, who has serious health issues, said her medications were missing, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Marcia Hill said. He reportedly was angry because he thought she blamed him and his friends for the missing medications.

The woman fled from the house and drove a short distance to the Chevron on Mississippi 613, near Townsite Road, and asked a store clerk to call 911. The community is near Moss Point.

The first responding deputy reported he found the 42-year-old woman hysterical and with blood on her head, shirt and left ear, and bruising on her neck, right eye and nose.

Deputies arrested Ferrell Jerry Stuart Jr., 43, at his nearby home after drawing guns on him, Hill said. The woman had told deputies he has pistols and shotguns.

“Deputies ordered him several times to exit with his hands up before he gave up,” Hill said.

Ferrell faces a charge of aggravated domestic assault.

Stuart allegedly had become angry because the woman believed he and his friends had stolen her medications.

After attacking her — hitting her in the head and face, grabbing her by the hair and pushing her onto the bed and floor — the man reportedly told her to get her belongings and leave. The woman said she put her beach tote bag in the living room and took her dog to her car and returned inside to gather her clothes.

Stuart again began arguing about the medicine, shoved her onto the couch and wrapped the strap of the tote bag around her neck, the woman reported.

“She said she was gasping for air when Stuart lost his grip on the strap, so he kicked her in the left side of her abdomen or waist as she tried to get up.”

The woman had hemorrhaging of her eyes — suggesting strangulation — and “all kinds of lacerations,” Hill said.

Her sister told deputies it it wasn’t the first time this has happened, but said it’s the first time her sister has called for the sheriff’s department, Hill said.

Stuart was being held with no bond at the Jackson County jail pending an initial court appearance. will update this report after Stuart’s bond hearing.

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