‘Birthday suit’ suspect captured after Hancock hospital escape

Anthony Underwood
Anthony Underwood

Hancock County sheriff’s deputies and a K-9 named Taco on Saturday tracked down and arrested a Louisiana fugitive who apparently ran out of Hancock Medical Center wearing nothing but his “birthday suit,” Sheriff Ricky Adam said.

Anthony Underwood, 28, of Marrero was involved in a vehicle accident in the county early on Saturday morning, Adam said. When deputies checked Underwood’s identification, they learned he had outstanding warrants from Louisiana.

“He was complaining of minor injuries sustained during the accident and was transported to Hancock Medical Center,” the sheriff said. “Our deputies followed behind. We were on standby and were going to arrest him as soon as he was released from the hospital.”

Underwood apparently got wind of the deputies’ plan and decided to make a dash for it, Adam said.

“All of a sudden, he jumped out of the bed and ran out the hospital,” Adam said. “He was only wearing his birthday suit and he ran into the woods. We had a K-9 come out and track him down near Blue Meadow Road.”

Adam said Underwood apparently found some clothes in the woods and he resisted arrest once he was found by the K-9.

“He got a pair of shorts from somewhere,” Adam said. “When the K-9 located him, he still did not want to surrender. He was bitten by the K-9 and our guys had to use a Taser to subdue him, but we got him in custody and took him to jail,” Adam said.

It was unclear where Underwood was bitten and shocked.

Underwood was transported to the Hancock County Jail where he was charged with resisting arrest and a hold was placed on him for another agency. It is unclear what Underwood was wanted for him Louisiana.