Video shows her firing the shot that killed her ex-boyfriend, testimony shows

Video surveillance from a Woolmarket business shows a woman chased after her former boyfriend and shot him dead in the street on Parker’s Creek Road, a prosecutor said.

Jeremy Ryan Nilges, 35, had violated a protective order by knocking on the door of the home where Angeline Olivia Brossett, 23, lived with her mother and her children, Harrison County prosecuting attorney Herman Cox said.

According to a Biloxi police detective’s testimony Wednesday, Nilges was leaving the property when Brossett walked outside and fired what appeared to be two warning shots. She then ran after him down the street, firing a shot filmed by a security camera, Cox said.

Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner declined to reduce Brossett’s bonds after a preliminary hearing. Brossett has a $100,000 bond on the manslaughter charge and a $10,000 bond on a charge of possession of a stolen firearm.

Brossett is accused of stealing the handgun, a 9mm Smith & Wesson, from a Biloxi woman’s home while she helped the woman pack to move out of town, Cox said.

Nilges and Brossett had each been arrested on domestic assault charges in recent years, “with one the victim one time, the other the victim the next time,” Cox said. Brossett has two children, one of them with Nilges, he said.

Brossett’s mother called 911 on a trespassing complaint at 8:05 a.m. July 6. Her mother later told police Nilges had knocked on the door and she opened it, but said she told him to leave and she shut the door because the couple had a history of domestic violence, an affidavit says.

Her mother told the family to go to the back of the house, but she soon realized the front door was open. Police believe Brossett went outside with a gun to confront Nilges.

Her mother told police she thought her daughter was standing in the driveway when she fired the first of two warning shots. She said Nilges walked away and stood near a wood pile in the yard, where the second shot was fired.

Her mother denied hearing the fatal shot, but told police her daughter told her she had shot Nilges “dead.”

What the video shows

Police later found video from a neighboring business that shows the killing, Cox said.

“You see the victim walking away from the residence down the road, and the defendant comes running out of the house and runs out behind him,” Cox said.

Nilges appears to turn around to look at her.

“You see the gun go off, the victim falls to the ground and he gets back up and tries to walk off and falls down again,” he said.

Brossett reportedly ran into the house, but was sitting near Nilges’ body when police arrived.

She told an officer, “Just let him be,” Cox said.

The first investigator on the scene saw a gunshot hole in Nilges’ upper right chest.

Brossett told police she threw the gun in a nearby creek, according to testimony. Police searched the creek with metal detectors but found no gun.

Police searched the house and found a 9mm Smith & Wesson hidden in the bathroom, Cox said. Crime-scene technicians recovered two 9mm casings in the yard and at least one on the street, he said.

Nilges was a registered sex offender. He was convicted in the attempted kidnapping of a child after an incident in 2008.

Cox said he asked Investigator Grandver Everett if he had anything else to tell the judge Wednesday.

Everett said Brossett had made a recent Facebook post in reference to the father of her other child: “If you see my baby daddy, shoot him in his kneecaps.”

The maximum penalty for manslaughter is 20 years in prison. The maximum for having a stolen gun is 10 years.

Judge Ladner bound the case over to the next grand jury.

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