He told a woman her boyfriend was cheating, so her boyfriend shot him dead, prosecutor says

Marcus Reginald Hosey
Marcus Reginald Hosey

A Gulfport man was fatally shot in the parking lot of O’Neal Road Apartments because he had told a woman her boyfriend was cheating on her, a prosecutor said.

Marcus Reginald Hosey, known as Reggie, shot Arthur Etheridge shortly before 1 a.m. July 6 while Etheridge was in the passenger seat of a car, Harrison County prosecuting attorney Herman Cox said.

Hosey was the woman’s boyfriend, police say.

According to testimony at a preliminary hearing, Hosey walked up to the passenger side of the car and put a gun behind Etheridge’s right ear, began pushing him over with it, and said, “You know you did it,” Cox said.

Police found Hosey, from Gulfport, later that day.

An investigator testified Hosey had confronted his girlfriend about the cheating allegation in a video chat a couple of days before the shooting, Cox said.

“He was threatening her and showing her he’s got a pistol,” Cox said.

“He is holding up a pistol, a certain type of Russian firearm, in front of the video.”

Police believe Hosey shot Etheridge with a Tokrev, a Russian semi-automatic pistol, the same type of pistol in the video chat.

A witness had tried to stop Hosey from shooting, but he fired anyway and ran off, Cox said.

The driver told police he had gotten out of the car to run and heard two shots, but jumped back in his car, which had a bullet hole. He drove Etheridge to the emergency room at Garden Park Medical Center.

“He honks the horn, but the victim is already dead,” Cox said.

The investigator testified Hosey told police he doesn’t know why he pulled out the gun, but a public defender said Hosey’s hand must have moved and the gun went off.

A shell casing from a Russian round

Police found a 7.62 #25 shell casing, from a Russian round, in the front of the car near the passenger seat where Etheridge was shot, Cox said. A bullet from that type of shell casing is the type a Tokrev would use, he said.

Police have said neither of the men were living at the apartments.

Hosey answered questions in a document requesting a court-appointed attorney and wrote that he has a burglary conviction from 2007 in Florida.

The investigator, though, found other convictions, Cox said.

Hosey was convicted of carjacking, felony eluding and leaving the scene of an accident with serious injuries in 2007 in Florida.

He was convicted of aggravated assault third degree in 2006 in Florida. And Hosey was convicted of transfer of a controlled substance in 1994 in Rankin County.

Justice Court Judge Melvin Ray found probable cause Wednesday to send the murder case to a grand jury.

Ray declined to lower Hosey’s bond of $1 million.

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