Men beat 73-year-old in road rage incident, Slidell police say

Police say two pedestrians are accused of beating a 73-year-old driver in a road rage incident.

Slidell police spokesman Daniel Seuzeneau (SOO-zuh-noh) says 19-year-old Brett McCraney of Slidell and 26-year-old Adonis Young of New Orleans are jailed on charges including felony battery. He doesn’t know if either has a lawyer.

Seuzeneau says McCraney told investigators the car nearly hit them, they yelled at the driver, he pulled over, and they took that as a sign of aggression.

Seuzeneau says a passer-by told 911 Thursday that two young men were beating an elderly man who was in his car.

He says police found McCraney and Young in a nearby house.

Seuzeneau says the victim’s head injuries are so severe that he cannot recall what happened. He’s hospitalized.