Dealer busted when smell of pot led to stronger drugs in his car

LeTanrence Miles
LeTanrence Miles

A federal agent who stopped at a gas station smelled burned marijuana wafting from a car as he walked into a convenience store to make a purchase.

A traffic stop that soon followed led to a small amount of marijuana and 168 grams of meth. That’s an amount narcotics agents say could provide 840 doses of meth for regular users who consume five grams at a time.

The chance meeting has led to LeTanrence Miles’ guilty plea to possession with intent to distribute meth. He faces five to 40 years in prison at his sentencing in federal court on Aug. 24. He pleaded guilty Wednesday, avoiding trial on that charge and a conspiracy charge.

A woman and three young children had been traveling with him in a Nissan Altima with a Texas tag, court papers show.

Miles’ arrest on March 14 came after Special Agent Jason Elder of Homeland Security Investigations and Narcotics Agent Luis Hawkins happened to stop by the Kangaroo Express on U.S. 49 at Creosote Road.

In an affidavit, Elder said he was walking into the store when Miles opened his car door and the smell of marijuana smoke came out of the vehicle. When Elder came out of the store, Miles drove up to the gas pump and then drove toward Creosote Road, where the agents conducted a traffic stop.

The agents said they found two grams of marijuana in plain view in the car’s front center console, and they were curious about a small bag the woman was holding. The bag contained meth.

During questioning after his arrest, Miles reportedly told agents he had bought the meth in Houston, Texas, and planned to sell it in Pascagoula.

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