Moonshine still wasn’t hidden in woods or hills, ABC agent says

Noah Allen Mobley
Noah Allen Mobley

A moonshine distillery found in an unrelated investigation has led to a 20-year-old Gulfport man’s arrest.

About three gallons of moonshine — sealed in glass jars — and a distillery were found inside Noah Allen Mobley’s Gulfport home, leading to his arrest on a felony charge, Alcoholic Beverage Control Agent Fred Herndon said Tuesday.

“A distillery that used water heater elements was found just off the living room of his home in Gulfport earlier this year,” Herndon said.

ABC agents had been called to Mobley’s home during a Gulfport police investigation, Herndon said. Agents seized the distillery and the moonshine and arrested Mobley on a charge of possession of moonshine, a misdemeanor.

Mobley failed to appear in court, “and has failed to cooperate,” so a warrant was obtained for his arrest on a felony charge, Herndon said.

Mobley was arrested late Saturday night on a charge of possession of an illegal distillery. His bond on the felony is $2,500. Mobley remained in custody at the Harrison County jail on Tuesday on the charge of failure to show up for court.

Moonshine, a distilled alcoholic beverage, is untaxed whiskey. The ABC operates under the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

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