He noticed his golf clubs were missing. What his security camera recorded has gone viral.

When Kieren Rouse realized his golf clubs had been stolen from his front porch, he checked his home-security system and saw the theft play out.

A barefoot woman with a T-shirt that says “LOVE” on front grabbed the clubs, ran to a white pickup truck and told the driver, “Let’s go!”

“Need some help making somebody Facebook famous,” Rouse wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday night when he shared the video.

Footage from his home-security system shows the clubs being stolen Monday while he and his wife, Leighanne, a former Sun Herald reporter, were at work. The Rouses live on Carter Road.

Kieren Rouse didn’t realize just how how quickly the post would spread. By Wednesday morning, his post had gone viral — 6,189 shares and 302,208 views.

“It’s mind-blowing,” said Rouse, worship leader at Mosaic Church in Ocean Springs. His wife teaches seventh and eighth grades at Woolmarket Middle School.

“I was being sarcastic or facetious when I made the post. I figured it would get a few shares locally and maybe somebody would recognize her or the truck. But it’s been shared on the west side of Texas and up in Wisconsin or somewhere near there.”

“It’s, like, a $500 set of golf clubs, no big deal, but I feel violated that someone came on my porch and stole from me.”

He had taken the set of clubs out of his car trunk Monday morning to make space for items he needed for work at the church. He noticed the clubs missing when he returned home from work Tuesday.

“My Vivint (home security) system has a visitor detector,” he said. “I went back three days on the system and worked my way up and then I see that woman stealing my clubs. We looked in the back of the truck and saw other things in there, and it broke our hearts that they were probably stealing from other people.”

The video shows the woman knock on the door and look around before she grabs the clubs.

Through Facebook shares, Rouse has learned the Gulf Shores Police Department in Alabama has posted a video of what’s believed to be the same truck. It had been reported stolen in Oklahoma and the woman, and the man with her, are suspected of thefts in Gulf Shores, according to the Gulf Shores police website. The couple reportedly had been staying at a campground there.

“I’m not trying to play Mr. Detective,” Kieren Rouse said. “I’m giving up all the information to the people who get paid to do that.”

By now, he said he doesn’t care if his golf clubs are returned to him. He wants the couple found and stopped so they don’t steal from anyone else.

“As a Christian, as a believer, it makes me aware that part of what is in this woman is in every single one of us,” he said. “It’s a reality check for me about depravity and human nature. It reminds me how much I need Jesus, God, and his grace and forgiveness. My heart breaks for that person, that they don’t know God or how to keep from making right decisions in life.

“If she had waited to knock on my door once I’d gotten home, we’d have given them money to help them if she said they needed help.”

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