He broke a man’s jaw in a bar fight and police are looking for him

Ocean Springs police are searching for a man accused of breaking another man’s jaw in an attack at a bar, police Capt. William Jackson said.

The victim had gone to Boots and Spurs on Bellande Avenue with his girlfriend on the evening of April 22. In the early-morning hours of April 23, police said, the suspect started coming up to the victim’s girlfriend to flirt with her.

The victim repeatedly asked the suspect to stop.

“He (the suspect) wouldn’t at first, but he finally did,” Jackson said.

The victim told police he thought the suspect had agreed to stop the flirting when the suspect hit the victim in the face with a beer bottle.

A fight followed between the two men, Jackson said, until the bar’s bouncers were able to break it up. The bar asked the suspect to leave and the victim went to Ocean Springs Hospital for treatment.

The suspect is facing a possible charge of aggravated assault. Police have not provided a name or description of the suspect.

Police said the bar did not report the incident, but police learned what had happened when the victim went to the Police Department to sign charges against the suspect.

To report information, call the Ocean Springs Police Department at 228-875-2211 or Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

Margaret Baker: 228-896-0538, @Margar45