Woman, 83, lost $50,000 and police say her granddaughter’s to blame

Jan Morano Mosley
Jan Morano Mosley

Police have arrested a woman they say exploited her 83-year-old grandmother by spending at least $50,000 of her money.

Police arrested Jan Morano Mosley, 41, Tuesday on a charge of exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Her grandmother was living with a roommate and Mosley was a caregiver who would come in and help take care of her, Investigator Ray Akins said. “She wound up doing more than helping,” he said. “She was living off her grandmother’s money and was living quite well.”

Mosley was not the conservator of her grandmother’s finances, but had access to the woman’s checkbook and credit card, he said.

Police believe Mosley made numerous purchases and payments, including about $3,700 for products she bought through Amazon, and many as small as $9 and $10.

“There’s house notes, utility bills and phone bills we’re still looking into. Her grandmother was helping her, but we are still sorting out what was help and what was the defendant’s choice to spend money on herself.”

The woman’s son, the conservator of her finances, signed an affidavit for a criminal complaint and is now taking care of his mother, Akins said.

Mosley was booked at the Harrison County jail Tuesday night. Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain set a $10,000 bond. She was released on bond later Tuesday night. The case will go to the next grand jury without a court hearing because Mosley did not stay in jail long enough to appear before a judge.

The state’s vulnerable persons law punishes those convicted in the abuse, neglect or exploitation of a vulnerable person living in a private home or care facility, whether the victim is an adult or a minor.

The law defines a vulnerable person as one whose ability to live a normal life day to day is impaired by one of several reasons: Mental or physical weakness due to aging; a mental, emotional, physical or developmental disability or dysfunction; or brain damage.

The crime carries penalties of one year in a county jail on a misdemeanor conviction or up to 40 years in prison for a felony conviction.

Mosley faces a felony charge.

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