Biloxi chief to Boosie Badazz: ‘Nobody has stolen anything’

Rapper Boosie Badazz claims the Biloxi Police Department jacked $1 million in jewelry from him after arresting members of his crew during spring break, but Chief John Miller isn’t buying it.

“I can’t make any comments because it’s a criminal case,” Miller told the Sun Herald, “but nobody has stolen anything.”

Police pulled over Boosie and his crew in a white van after a melee in Edgewater Mall. As the Sun Herald first reported, a hundred or so fans gathered around Boosie, formerly known as Lil Boosie, while he shopped Sunday afternoon.

A video the Sun Herald obtained from Arkansas fan Crystal Whitmore shows a Dillard’s loss-prevention security officer pepper-spraying Boosie, dressed in hot pink and draped in gold chains, and members of his crew as they stood in the department store’s Polo Ralph Lauren section.

Boosie and the crew are seen in the video walking toward the south exit of Dillard’s. Outside, a fight broke out, then the rapper and his crew left. Police stopped them several miles down the road and arrested four members of the crew, but not Boosie, on charges of felony simple assault against an officer.

Dillard’s has not returned the Sun Herald’s telephone calls and Boosie has not responded to messages left with his publicist. Boosie did take to Instagram, where he has more than 3 million followers. He posted a couple of videos.

In one, he said: “My jewelry sack was in (the van) — over a million dollars worth of jewelry. Now they’re saying no jewelry sack was in there … so this s--- is big, man. Now these cops are trying to steal a million dollars worth of jewelry cause the security got caught outside — catch me outside. How about that?

“Now you want to steal a million dollars worth of jewelry from me? But I’m going to fight for mine. It’s on. It’s on. You don’t know who you’re f----n’ with. It’s on. It’s on.

“You want to steal from me, Mace my family, now you want to take my s--- from me. It’s on.”

The video, posted Tuesday, has been viewed more than 163,000 times, with 1,500-plus comments posted, most supportive of Boosie.

Boosie, whose given name is Torrence Hatch, also accused the loss-prevention officer in another video of being a racist.

Boosie has been artistically consumed by the incident as well. He’s posted a new rap about it on SoundCloud.

His claims have made it to the national website TMZ, which covers entertainment news and has millions of viewers.

The Sun Herald is told the loss-prevention officer from Dillard’s is a sworn and experienced law-enforcement officer. After he pepper-sprayed Boosie and crew, they left the store. The officer appeared to be in pursuit, as shown on a Facebook video. He tackled one man, then was overwhelmed by the crowd.

A Biloxi police officer also was at the scene. Biloxi police say both officers suffered minor injuries.

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