Teen gets ill describing how ex-‘Sons of Guns’ star ‘ruined my life’

Joe Gyan

The Advocate

Will Hayden
Will Hayden

Through several bouts of nausea on the witness stand, a 15-year-old girl testified Thursday ex-“Sons of Guns” reality television personality Will Hayden sexually abused her for a year and a half while she was 11 and 12, wrecking her life.

“He ruined my life,” she said shortly after bending over for a third time and appearing to vomit. “I’m never going to be the same, but I’m a survivor, not a victim.”

The girl, who testified briefly Wednesday afternoon at Hayden’s rape trial in Baton Rouge, resumed her testimony Thursday morning and recalled Hayden had raped her in his Greenwell Springs Road home and also made her perform oral sex on him, including once in his Dodge pickup.

She also testified Hayden bought her contraceptive gel so she would not get pregnant.

Hayden’s attorney, Bo Rougeou, said he will call Hayden, 51, to the witness stand. The defense began presenting its case Thursday, even though the state has not rested its case. The state’s medical expert cannot testify until Friday.

The 15-year-old girl, who completed her testimony, said she turned to destructive behavior to cope with the sexual abuse she said Hayden inflicted on her.

“I would lacerate my skin and smoke and drink,” she said, showing scars on her arms to prosecutor Sonya Cardia-Porter and the jury.

In a poem she wrote that was seized by East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s detectives in August 2014, the girl described herself as a dead flower and Hayden as having a dark side.

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