‘Evil act’ for a ‘demonic’ god sent him to prison for 50 years

Cameron May returns to the courtroom after a recess in his trial in Jackson County Circuit Court in Pascagoula on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.
Cameron May returns to the courtroom after a recess in his trial in Jackson County Circuit Court in Pascagoula on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

A judge Wednesday night sentenced Cameron May to 50 years in prison for his brutal attack on an Ocean Springs woman.

The jury deliberated for two hours before convicting May, 26, of kidnapping, sexual battery and two counts of aggravated assault in the Sept. 10, 2015, attack of the then-manager at The Dominion Apartments on Holcomb Boulevard in Ocean Springs.

The victim, 36, wept when the court clerk read the verdict.

May never flinched.

A sentencing hearing followed on the kidnapping charge, because jurors had the option of imposing a life sentence for that offense. The jury did not wish to impose the life sentence so the judge determined the sentences.

Judge Dale Harkey sentenced May to 100 years on all counts, with 50 years to serve.

District Attorney Tony Lawrence thanked the jury for finding May guilty before they began their deliberations on the kidnapping sentence.

“We know he was intent that day on harming an innocent person, someone he didn’t know, someone he was going to pick at random,” he said.

“I can tell you (the victim) is living her life the best she can,” he said. “Her daughter can tell you when (the victim) thought she was leaving, she was thinking about her daughter. I ask you to remember the pain on (the victim’s) face when she was asked, ‘what (the attack) did to you?’

“(The victim) can’t even work because of the fear she lives under.”

Earlier Wednesday, May testified he had to commit an “evil act” to become one of the “demonic” gods he’s grown to worship.

He said he was half asleep one night when he heard a woman’s voice whispering the name Naberius, which he learned was a “demonic” god with 19 legions of demons under his command.

May said he associated the name with an illustration he had drawn, which he described as an “invisible man with glasses.”

Once the name came to him, he learned the demonic god he had begun to worship required his followers to commit certain acts to become demonic gods themselves.

“Basically, (it) came to me (that) in order to become a god, I had to ... commit an illegal act,” he said. “This evil act had to be physical.”

The day of the attack, he scouted out four other places before deciding to attack at the Ocean Springs apartment complex.

He said he chose to go there because he didn’t see any security or cameras that could record his actions.

May’s attorney, Melvin Cooper, said his client is mentally ill. A doctor testified May suffered from a delusional disorder related to schizophrenia.

However, another psychologist, Chris Lott, said May “knew right and wrong.”

“He planned this,” Lott said. “He knew the setting there. He knew the quality of his actions and he also knew his actions were wrong.”

In addition, Lott said, May did not fit the state definition of criminally insane.

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