He grabbed a 5-foot wooden post and assaulted a teenager, police say

Gregory Wayne Johnson
Gregory Wayne Johnson

Police arrested a man in an attack on a teenager with a 5-foot wooden post outside the boy’s home Saturday.

Gregory Wayne Johnson, 58, of Bay St. Louis, faces a charge of aggravated assault.

Bay St. Louis police Capt. Wes Mayley confirmed Wednesday officers responded to a report of an assault at the Sheffield Park apartment complex on Carroll Avenue north of U.S. 90 about 5:30 p.m.

The 16-year-old was taking trash to a Dumpster when Johnson, who lives in another apartment at the complex, began verbally harassing him, Mayley said. The teen argued with the man and the situation became heated, Mayley said.

The teen had spilled some trash on his way to the Dumpster and after the initial confrontation, he got a broom to clean the mess. When he returned, Johnson continued to harass him, Mayley said.

The teen waved the broom in Johnson’s direction while telling him to stay away, but the situation escalated.

Mayley said Johnson picked up a post and swung it and the teen tried to block the attack with his hand.

“He tried to tell the older guy to stay away from him by using the broom, so the guy picked up the post and swung it,” the captain said. “(The) post caught his fingers and likely broke a couple of them.”

Arriving officers took Johnson into custody. He reportedly told them he hadn’t hit the teen, that the boy had broken his fingers falling off his bike. But a neighbor who witnessed the altercation gave a signed statement to police.

Mayley said the witness account pointed to Johnson as the “primary aggressor.”

Johnson was booked at the Hancock County Jail and released Sunday after posting a $50,000 bond.

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