He bailed out of jail and was behind bars again within an hour

Mark Anthony Rogers
Mark Anthony Rogers

A man arrested and jailed on a felony drug charge Saturday was released on bail but was booked in at the same jail about an hour later.

Gulfport police arrested Mark Anthony Rogers, 19, Saturday on a marijuana possession charge. He posted a $50,000 bond to leave the Harrison County jail.

He’d been released about an hour when a bail bond agent surrendered him and he was booked back in at the jail, the jail docket shows. A bail bond agent who held bonds on Rogers’ pending felony charges of drive-by shooting and marijuana possession surrendered his bonds.

It wasn’t the first time a bail bond company has turned him back over to the jail.

Gulfport police had arrested him on the drive-by shooting charge March 24, 2015. He was freed on a $75,000 bond.

Police arrested him again Sept. 20 on a felony marijuana charge with a $100,000 bond. A bail bond agent who had arranged Rogers’ bond on the drive-by shooting charge surrendered him. Rogers made a new bond agreement and was released on bonds that total $175,000.

Rogers had been out of jail almost three months before Saturday’s arrest and subsequent surrender by a bond agent.

Rogers remained in custody Sunday on bonds of $175,000.

A Harrison County grand jury has indicted him on the drive-by shooting charge, the jail docket shows. It wasn’t immediately clear if a grand jury has reviewed his marijuana charge from September.

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