Dog shot during home invasion is recovering, police said

A family dog was shot in the face trying to protect its owner during a reported home invasion Wednesday morning, police Lt. Danny Patrick said.

Patrick said the wounded dog is now back at home.

The 911 call about the shooting on Soundview Drive came about 5 a.m., he said.

Patrick said the dog’s owner was about to get into a car to go to work when three masked men jumped her from behind and put a bandanna around her face so she couldn’t see.

He said she tried to get in her car to get away, but the assailants “grabbed her out of the vehicle,” took her keys and forced her back into the house.

He said the men duct-taped the woman’s hands.

When they went into the house, the pit bull came running downstairs.

“She heard all the commotion,” Patrick said. “The pit bull came to protect her. They shot (the dog).”

The noise awoke the woman’s boyfriend and his teenage son, who were also in the home.

The dog was taken to the emergency veterinary hospital in Woolmarket. The bullet, which hit her in the mouth, was left there because it did not injure any vital organs, Patrick said. “The dog is doing fine,” he said.

No injuries to the couple were reported.

The neighborhood off Graveline Road is usually a quiet one, Patrick said.

“We very rarely have any crime at all there,” he said. “We do not believe this was a random act.”

The suspected assailants were wearing bandannas over their faces. They also were wearing gloves.

To report information, call the Gautier Police Department at 228-497-2486 or Mississippi Coat Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

Margaret Baker: 228-896-0538, @Margar45