They say he beat a prisoner in February — and now he’s back in jail

Aaron Fisher
Aaron Fisher

A Kiln man is back in the Hancock County jail after eluding law enforcement officials for months.

Deputies arrested Aaron Fisher, 27, was arrested Dec. 8 on a felony charge of aggravated assault manifesting extreme indifference to human life. He was taken to the Hancock County jail, a place where he is no stranger.

Sheriff’s Capt. Amanda Parker said Fisher was involved in a fight in the jail Feb. 28. She said Fisher and two others beat another inmate so severely the inmate required surgery.

But Fisher was released on bond before the investigation into the fight was concluded.

“Fisher was initially arrested on Feb. 5 on three felony charges — possession of a stolen firearm, burglary and commercial burglary — as well as several misdemeanor charges,” she said. “He was released on March 4 but we had not finished the investigation into the fight.”

Parker said Fisher made a return appearance to the jail in May, but was there for only the day.

“After he was released in May, we found our evidence that he was involved in the fight and we started looking for him, but he was hiding out in Denver,” Parker said.

Then he was arrested in Denver on Nov. 23.

“Once he was arrested in Denver, we had him extradited back to Hancock County,” she said.

Fisher also faces a misdemeanor charge of contempt of court for failure to appear.